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March 13

Hands down the best air boat ride i have been on. David let my daughter drive the air boat. Answered all the questions my family had, an so much more information. He took pictures of us on the air boat an sent them to us. He was an amazing guide. If we go back to Panama Florida. Well be calling for another trip!!! Thank you so much!

-Daryl, Karen, Sierra Brewer (hobart, in)

March 6

This is our first trip to Panama City Beach location. My husband & I decided to take the airboat tour. Being as the chamber of commerce advertised on the city website for things to do we picked Boggy Bayou. This was a never before experience. Our tour was supposed to be two hours but actually lasted a couple minutes over three hours. David (the tour guide) took us out to the marsh. He took his time showing us around and pointing out many things that we would have never seen had we not taken this tour. Before starting the tour he talked to us about safety issues & the capabilities of the boat. During our tour we saw two bald eagles & lots of marine aquatic life. We also picked up a unique piece of driftwood that I took home. I had been on a “airboat” tour before that was like 20 people in the boat out in a marsh with other simuliar boats all around. Basically your average tourist trap. This was much different. It was just David, my husband & I. We really enjoyed this & strongly suggest it for anyone traveling the Panama City area. Well worth the money.

-Tammy Holt

February 13

My husband and I and four other friends went on an air boat tour with Captain Dave. We had a fabulous time and learned so much about the ecology of the bay. Dave was an amazing source of information. We would highly recommend this to anyone wanting an air boat experience beyond just a fast ride.

-Sandy Monroe-Kuhn

February 12

My husband has wanted to ride an airboat, so while visiting friends in PCB, we found Captain David at Boggy Bayou Airboat Tours and booked a trip. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day. Captain David shares his knowledge of the area and his love of nature. We saw 2 bald eagles on our trip and he took the time to capture incredible photos for us to share with our friends. We look forward to our next trip with Captain David. He’s the best.

-Angie Allen

October 7

I took the sunset tour on airboat and wow…what an excellent and exciting excursion!!! Dave knows the bayous like the back of his hand! We saw two alligators, a former 3,000 acre shrimp farm and capped it off with an awesome view of the PCB skyline at night time! I highly recommend it…we’ll worth your $$$ and time!!!

-Mark Wilson

July 8

One more check off bucket list David is a awesome person & guide I loved the ride with great friends & family will deffinately ride again got to see a gator loved it . Thanks David

-Tammy Shoulders

July 5

My wife and I had so much fun! We were looking for something different to do, while we were on vacation, and we found it. Not only was it fun just being on the airboat but Capt David was knowledge about wildlife and the area, not to mention the places we got to go were just breathtakingly beautiful. This is a must for anyone & everyone.
Thank you again Capt David.

-Todd Djtootall Parrish

July 5

It was close to my husband Joe’s Birthday. I wanted to do something different. Boy was this ever different!!!! It was great and we both had the time of our life. Dave took us to places we knew was out in our beautiful waters. This man knows just about everything about fish, plants, wildlife, you name it. If you want to do something super fun and out of this world, try this for sure!!!! Thanks Dave, We will be back for sure!!!!

-Cynthia Myers Hakos

June 27

Little did we know that my 80 year old father-in-law has a bucket list. We discovered this when he told us at breakfast a week ago that one of the things on his bucket list was to ride on an airboat. Since we ARE in Florida and he is down visiting, we thought it was the least we could do – sounded easy enough. Wellll…..when you factor in that my mother-in-law (Mama) has a very healthy fear of boats , it becomes a little more difficult. Nevertheless, I set about contacting my friend Marcia Karr who is engaged to Captain David Erdman, owner of Boggy Bayou Airboat Tours. After several discussions, we were booked for Friday, June 24th for a sunset tour.
We were all excited (with the exception of Mama) and could not wait for Friday to arrive. We began the evening with dinner at Outback, where I tried to ply Mama with as many alcoholic beverages as I could to relax her (I think she drank ½ of one drink, so I drank the rest). We pulled up to the boat at exactly 6:30 and we had to push her out of the car, once she saw the size of the boat. They are just a tad intimidating if you have never seen one. Captain Dave was waiting and ready….for Mama. He spent 20 minutes just assuring and reassuring her that he had her safety and best interest at heart. He finally got her on!
The boat itself is a beauty. He was an fish and wildlife officer for over 20 years and drove airboats all the time. When he decided he wanted to own his an airboat business, he designed the boat and had it built. When we began our journey, Mam’s knuckles were white from clinging to the seat railing; her knees were jumping from nerves; and she was white as a sheet. By the time we crossed the Bay and stopped to look around, she was all happy, relaxed and hooked!
The tour was absolutely amazing. I have lived in Bay County for 20 years and he took us places I had never knew existed. And the information that he has to share about the bay, the water, the wildlife, his experiences on the water is second to none. We saw a sunset that was nothing short of a masterpiece. THEN, the night riding began. He has incredible LED lights on the water became alive as soon as he turned them on. It was as entertaining as a show at Sea World. The fish and bait fish were jumping everywhere and looked like silver fairies flitting over and across the water. I have never seen anything like it.
Everyone had a fabulous time – the first thing Mama said when we were back on shore was “I want to do that again when we come in October!” and I watched as my father-in-law, with a huge smile on his face, crossed it off his bucket list…

-Beki Crogan

June 19

Tonight’s tour was fantastic. It was a Father’s Day present for my wonderful husband. It was the best present ever! A perfect night, beautiful sunset with the moon on the opposite side. Captain Dave is the best! A wonderful tour guide and a wonderful Captain.
We loved every minute!

-Allison Barnes

June 16

I really give this a 20 but there wasn’t that option. Sunday we had the awesome pleasure of taking an airboat tour with Captain David on his boat. Boggy Bayou Airboat Tours is the only way to see our Marshlands and Bayous. Captain David will take you on a fabulous tour and has so much knowledge of our Eco system, our wildlife and aquatic life it brought a fantastic addition to our tour. His respect for all of these areas is shown in his manner and treatment of all wildlife, aquatic life and the land. He is funny, knowledgeable and YEP LADIES not bad to look at either. He gave us a hands on lesson on how to drive the boat which was just off the charts. He took us to places most people will never see and we even explored places he hadn’t been yet. I highly reccommend Boggy Bayou Airboat Tours with Captain David to everyone. Check him out here on FB. He does day and night tours. Thank You again Captain David LeRoy and I had a Ginourmous time. Also a huge thank you to Elena Maconaghy & Cherokee Maconaghy for giving this gift to their Dad/Granpa for Father’s Day.

-Nanc Ball Sloan

May 18

Captain David is amazing!! We had so much fun zooming around the water and land! We saw tons of birds, crabs, and got some gorgeous driftwood to take home! We saw where the gators walk around and even saw a dolphin! He was extremely knowledgeable about the land and wildlife. He taught me how to drive the boat, which was so cool! He takes his time to explain where we are going and to answer any questions that you may have along the way! I would absolutely recommend Boggy Bayou Airboat Tours to anyone and everyone!

-Destiny Nicole Marcus

February 10 at 3:21am

We had a great time on our first airboat ride and can not wait to take another ride this Summer!! David took us to places we didn’t even know existed and was very knowledgeable about the background of the places we explored. During our ride we saw 5 bald eagles, tons of deer tracks, and Dolphins! It was such a neat experience and we would highly recommend to take your family on a trip, you will not be disappointed!

-Kayla Bowden

January 30 at 11:27pm

Made some great memories with some great friends thanks to David at Boggy Bayou Airboat Tours. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have fun and learn a lot about the Panama City area that most people don’t even know exists.

– Cindy Inscho

January 29 at 11:45am

I haven’t had that much fun since I was a kid. It was like my first roller coaster ride combined with a wildlife safari. For family fun Boggy Bayou Airboat Rides will NOT disappoint. I highly recommend it. I will definite be doing another tour as soon as possible!

-Bill Price

January 29 at 11:22am

What an amazing trip! I’ve lived in Bay County all of my life and saw parts of the area that I’ve never seen! David Erdman is an awesome tour guide with his knowledge of the area and the wildlife! WE EVEN GOT TO SEE ALLIGATORS! I got to learn how to drive and it was a blast! Can’t wait to go again!

-Erica Price